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​Zlatan Confirms His Move to Manchester United

Zlatan says he's on his way. United don't seem to have a choice in the matter.
Georgi Licovski/EPA

Rumours appear in the media. Agents leak bullshit stories linking their client to other clubs. A director of football's hand is forced, deals are thrashed out behind closed doors, and finally – after weeks of 'ANNOUNCE X' replies to official tweets – a player's arrival is confirmed.

This sort of transfer etiquette has become de rigueur since football and social media became inextricably linked, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic appears to have broken the mould. Today marked the official expiration of his PSG contract, so Ibra took it upon himself to announce that Manchester United would be his 'next destination', bringing an end to the transfer saga of the summer. Assuming, of course, that the club comes out and agrees with Zlatan's version of events.

The 34-year-old has won a domestic title in each country he's played in, but as every God-fearing Little Englander knows that doesn't mean shit unless he does it in the Premier League, preferably in the pissing rain against Stoke City. The move sees Ibrahimovic link up with Jose Mourinho again after a brief but (flying in the face of all logic) productive spell together at Inter Milan in 2008/09.

The formalities are expected to be completed tomorrow with the Swede set to sign a one-year deal worth a reported £220,000 a week. After a disappointing Euro 2016 and four years in Ligue 1 there are question marks over whether United are signing Zlatan for his footballing ability or his brand. One thing's for sure though: this move adds another scarcely needed layer of intrigue and excitement to the upcoming Premier League season.