Calvin Harris Maybe Previewed a Frank Ocean Collab and We Have Questions

A lot of questions, actually.

Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
January 27, 2017, 10:45am

Calvin Harris, famous attention seeker, yesterday posted what initially seemed like an innocuous enough Instagram story video, which featured a new track playing in the background. Innocuous enough, that is, until Frank Ocean's unmistakeable vocal popped up on it, so now, obviously, I would like to announce a code red. New Frank music is, as we all well know, like gold dust, so we are forced to ask: what the fuck is actually going on here? 1) First of all, why is Calvin Harris Instagram-storying and driving?
That is extremely irresponsible and a bad example to his youth-centric fanbase. For shame Calvin. 2) Is this even real? And if it is, how did Calvin Harris of all people manage to coax Frank out of hiding?
In my expert opinion (I have watched this video a lot of times): it is definitely real. Frank Ocean's voice is highly distinctive, and this is absolutely the real deal. In terms of the second part – your guess is as good as mine. Frank Ocean's habits and tastes are mysterious to all of us.  3) Why does this sound like two different recordings?
It probably is – the grainy sound of Frank's voice opposite the clearer tone of the track itself means that it's early days for the collab. Most likely, Calvin, messy bitch that he is, has layered a rough vocal take over the backing, in order to whip the internet up into "a veritable frenzy". 4) Will this even see the light of day?
The actual video has since been deleted from Harris' Instagram story (though Frank Ocean fan Twitter account @IBoysDontCryCo handily retrieved it), so either he's being a tease or Frank, a notorious perfectionist, was pissed. Or, you know, it's not real. At this point, however, whether the track will get a release – and, if it does, how – is anyone's guess. Either way, the prospect of new material from Frank Ocean is always a welcome one – if we're lucky we might get another "We Found Love" out of him. Watch Harris' Instagram video below and see for yourself:

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(Image via Vimeo)