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Daito Manabe's Projection-Mapped Dancers Are A Visual Treat

Daito Manabe shows he's the master of projection mapping moving objects with this visually stunning performance.
July 9, 2013, 11:44am

Projection mapping on buildings is a ubiquitous and well-established practice, but doing the same for the human body, while it's in motion, is something else entirely—and it seems to be the new frontier for projection mapping. Leading up the charge is Japanese artist Daito Manabe who used the technique in his video for Nosaj Thing's "Eclipse/Blue" which featured reactive, minimalist graphics.

In a similar style but with more dancers is the performance above, where Manabe again collaborates with director Takcom and choreographer MIKIKO, along with musician Ametsub, dance company Elevenplay and designers Rhizomatiks.


Dancers bodies are used as the canvas for the bold, simple graphics, along with four cubes that glow neon or radiate geometric patterns and pixelated forms. It's another incredibly accurate display and a stunning marriage of the physical and digital, pioneering the way for how precision projection-mapping could augment and change live theatre and dance.

You can check out some stills below and also another dance and projection mapping performance by Manabe that's equally impressive.

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