Hear the Unique Musical Scales Aphex Twin Created for Korg's New Synth

The producer helped out in designing the micro-tuning feature on the Monologue.
November 30, 2016, 7:48pm
Image fromthe cover of

the Richard D. James Album

Richard D. Jamesa.k.a. Aphex Twin designed some presets for Korg's forthcoming Monologue synth, and yesterday the Japanese electronics company released a video showing some of them in action. The Scottish musician specifically helped out with creating unique scales, sounds, and sequences as part of the monophonic synth's micro-tuning function; you can hear his contributions starting at about 4:35 on the video below.


Where most popular Western music works within a strict, 12-tone equal temperament scale, micro-tuning opens up the possibility of composing with alternative melodic and harmonic sensibilities. In other words, instead of just working within familiar major and minor scales or the related modes, this option gives producers the ability to create their own scales. As anyone who is familiar with James' music knows, his music is full of unconventional chords and synth patterns, so he certainly makes sense for the job.

Previously, Korg uploaded a Monologue sound demo called "afx acid3" to SoundCloud, and while it's not specifically attributed to Richard D. James, its title and sonic sensibility could suggest his involvement.

In a clip promoting his upcoming appearance at Houston's Day for Night festival in December, James recently caricatured the United States presidential election with an absurdist video.

The Monologue will arrive in stores on January 9 and sell for $299.

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