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The Best Things We Saw on the Dance Music Internet This Week

From last-minute costumes to Paradise Garage classics, here's our list of the best things this week.
Artwork by Arthur Hickman.

1. A 3D, 360 degree rendering of a turntable

How does a turntable work? Red Bull Music Academy crafted this nifty 3D, 360 degree rendering of a turntable.

2. 16 last-minute costume ideas for electronic music fans

Scrambling to find a costume for tonight's big Halloween costume? Use our easy guide and rock a look that is both simple and culturally relevant.

3. RA Sessions: Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda

Resident Advisor's RA Sessions series returns with a special and lovely performance from Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda.


4. Co-opting identity

THUMP's Ezra Marcus takes a look at the incidences and repercussions of white producers co-opting black identity for their musical projects.

5. An essay on Berghain

Entering this place is like swimming into a vast, echoing cliff cave and, once my eyes adjust to the dark, finding it full of rock doves and black cormorants, on shadowy ledges, darting past. I've found a complete ecosystem.

Writer Amy Liptrot penned this contemplative essay set during one summer night in the Berlin club.

6. Discodromo's Halloween 2016 Mix for THUMP

In honor of the upcoming holiday, DJ duo Discodromo crafted an exclusive Halloween-themed mix for us. Prepare for your night of festivities with this.

7. Clubbing horror stories

Dive into seven of our weirdest and wildest stories of tales from the dancefloor, featuring photographers, partygoers and musicians or DJs like Chrissy and Nicky Siano.

8. Paradise Garage classics

Resident Advisor crafted an excellent tribute to the Paradise Garage and the classic tunes that defined the space.

9. Todd Terje underwear

Get your pair.

10. The 31 best electronic horror movie soundtracks of all time

Electronic musicians and composers have made a name for themselves crafting one-of-a-kind original soundtracks and scores that perfectly capture the eerie moods of the movies they serve. Dive into our unique list of the best of the best.