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​Jacques Greene Announces Debut Album 'Feel Infinite,' Shares New Single "Real Time"

The Toronto-based producer's first full-length is out March 10 on LuckyMe.
Album artwork courtesy of LuckyMe

Montreal-born, Toronto-based producer Jacques Greene has announced his debut album, Feel Infinite, out March 10 via LuckyMe, and shared a new single "Real Time."

The track uses a driving bass line and French touch-inspired sample sequencing for the elastic collision of hip-hop, R&B, house, and techno that has become Greene's musical blueprint. The producer's fusion of human performance and drum machine rigidity makes for a track that is "built from something with that human element and energy but with something else than a voice."


"I really try to make music that connects people and speaks to the things that bring us together—true club culture was born out of oppression and worked hard to create spaces for its marginalized members," he said of the album in a press release. "The record is more aspirational than escapist—'feeling infinite' is not about forgetting your identity or escaping those things, but rather finding a deeper meaning and truth in them by their unbreakable link to everything else in the world."

Last year, Greene shared the tracks "You Can't Deny" and "Afterglow," as well as an unofficial edit of Frank Ocean's "White Ferrari." Starting March 17 in Rome, he'll embark on a world tour.

Listen to "Real Time" and check out the album's track list below.

Feel Infinite Tracklist:

1. Fall
2. Feel Infinite
3. To Say
4. True (feat. How To Dress Well)
5. I Won't Judge
6. Dundas Collapse
7. Real Time
8. Cycles
9. You Can't Deny
10. Afterglow
11. You See All My Light