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Edward Snowden Made a Techno Record and It's Probably Going to Suck

French synth wizard Jean Michel-Jarre and everyone's favorite leaker have unfortunately teamed up for a song called "Exit".

When you woke up this morning what did you think today'd bring? Work, obviously. Maybe a pint after work. Maybe some more pints after that pint. Maybe, just maybe, you'd end it by stuffing your face with a chicken doner in front of The Graham Norton Show. We bet you at least a quid that as you roused yourself earlier you didn't think you'd find yourself listening to a techno record made by the world's most famous leaker and some old French dude who twiddled with synths at the pyramids. That's life though, and it comes at you fast.


The unlikely duo came together after Jarre gave an interview to the Guardian in which he asked to be put in contact with Snowden. Because he's presumably not got a lot on, Snowden agreed, and a few months later here we are, listening to the pair's song "Exit". Set to appear on Jarre's forthcoming album Electronica Volume II: The Heart of Noise, "Exit", on paper, is the worst thing ever. According to FACT, "The pair conducted a 90 minute conversation over Skype before recording the vocals, and Jarre later travelled to Moscow to shoot a video with Snowden," and the result is going to be some very, very bad techno with a bloke who spends all day leaking in a hotel room in Russia talking about "freedom of information" and other exciting concepts over the top of it.

If what you can hear in the video below is anything to go by, "Exit" will be a heinous assault on the ears, but your best mate's cousin who's really into big data might get a kick out of it.

Electronica Volume II drops on May 6.