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Grimes Made "A Mix of Weird Stuff” for BBC Radio 3’s ‘Late Junction’ Show

The experimental-pop artist explores her many influences.
Photo courtesy of the artist

Earlier this week, Canadian experimental-pop artist Grimes shared a mix she compiled for BBC Radio 3's Late Junction show. The 30-minute session is an unsurprisingly diverse exploration of her influences, starting out with Aphex Twin's 1992 track "Xtal" before dipping into classically trained cellist Kelsey Lu, sultry R&B from The Internet, Indian film soundtracks, and a track from electronic band Animal Collective.


"I tried to include kind of a mix of weird stuff that I like that's old, and some newer stuff I love that inspires me, and all-time favorite songs," Grimes says at the top of the show.

The mix started what would turn out to be a big week for Grimes, whose latest album, Art Angels, was yesterday announced as a shortlist contender for Canada's Polaris Prize, which recognizes full-length works of its country's artists. She was previously nominated for 2012 for her third studio album, Visions. Listen to the mix over at the BBC website.


01 Aphex Twin – 'Xtal'
02 Kelsey Lu – 'Morning After Coffee'
03 Delerium – 'Aria' Feat. Mediæval Bæbes
04 Shonen Knife – 'Ah, Singapore'
05 Yamantaka//Sonic Titan – 'Hoshi Neko'
06 The Internet – 'Special Affair'
07 Kali Uchis – 'Ridin Round'
08 Dil Se (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – 'Satarangi Re'
09 Bajirao Mastani (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – 'Deewani Mastani'
10 Tei Shi- 'Basically'
11 HANA – 'Chimera'
12 Now Now – 'Thread'
13 Animal Collective – 'We Tigers'