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The Bristol duo delivers a hard mix full of balls-to-the-wall bass.

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In England, a "leng" is what they call a gun in the hood. So when I got an email from my favorite record label, Black Butter Records, with the words My Nu Leng in the subject line, I expected to be confronted with a hard-edged grime MC or a rap group. The email contained a picture of two meek lads named Tommy and Jammo who just so happen to be rising fast in the bass scene. But don't take their low-key looks for granted. The Bristol-based duo cites early garage, grime, and the one man genre known as Burial as their main influences, which explains why their music is sometimes punchy, sometimes ugly, sometimes pretty, and often packing more low end than your usual house groove.


My Nu Leng has been supported by BBC Radio 1, done remix work for chart-topping acts like Naughty Boy and Rudimental, and released a slew of EPs--Hips & Thigs, The Grid, Damp, Time Goes By, and their entrance to Black Butter Records, Elite—but they're just getting warmed up. And we're gunning for them. (Hah.) Shufflers and fist-pumpers unite!


1. My Nu Leng, Taiki & Nulight - No.2

2. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo - Kneadin'

3. Killjoy & Hank Limit - Attitude (Feat. MIK)

4. My Nu Leng & Majora - Hips n' Thighs (Kry Wolf Remix)

5. My Nu Leng - Scatter

6. Forget Me Not - Club Shaker

7. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo - Signs (Roller Mix)

8. Parachute Youth - Can't Get Better Than This (Hostage Remix)

9. My Nu Leng & Shadowchild - Pago

10. Distro - City Lights

11. My Nu Leng - Elite VIP

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