This Producer Turned John Mayer’s Guitar-String, Live EDM Into a Full Song

The track is actually pretty good.
February 25, 2017, 5:50pm
Screenshot of John Mayer via Instagram. Screenshot of Volpe via YouTube.

Earlier this month, John Mayer posted a short clip on his Instagram account of the musician crafting synth-like notes and rhythms using his electric guitar. The video quickly went viral, with many impressed by Mayer's deft skills and the melodic structure of the tune.

Now, Julian Bahmani, an aspiring musician from Los Angeles who performs under the name Volpe, has turned the short sample into a full song.

"It sounds organic," Bahmani said in a video for his full-length remix about Mayer's original sample. "It adds kind of like a human feel to the sound instead of just like the typical presets that everyone uses."

Bahmani also compares Mayer's sample to Calvin Harris' work, calling it a "plucky guitar sound" instead of a "synth sound."

This isn't the first time Maharani has used unusual samples to make tracks. His YouTube page includes videos of the producer making beats using Stormtrooper samples and the video game Overwatch.

Watch the video below and download the track for free here.