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Lee Foss' New Single Started as a Poem, Then Turned Into a Sunbeam

"The Gift" is the Chicago-born producer's lates bit of bliss.

Lee Foss' productions over the last decade and a half have been lessons in casual optimism, a demonstration of the way to craft giddiness out of just a few intersecting synth lines and an insistent kick drum. His new single, "The Gift," due this Friday on Emerald City, is similarly concerned with bliss, but its beginnings are far from the dancefloor.

In an email to THUMP, Foss explains that the lyrics of the track—sung acrobatically by the New Jersey-based Camille Safiya—began as a poem to his girlfriend. But sensing the life in the lines ("Have I told you yet you're sweet to me?" awwwwww) he enlisted Safiya to spin it into a clubby sunbeam, adorned by a few simple electronic bleeps and a loping drum shuffle. Like with most of his tracks, giving it a spin is sure to induce a smile, but this one even more so, knowing the roots are so cute.

Listen here in advance of its June 24 release, which will also feature remixes from Sonny Fodera, Lee Curtiss, and Detlef.