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Watch Wax Motif Remix This Tween and Effectively Invent Troll House

Shots fired! Shots fired!
January 28, 2015, 7:00pm

A couple weeks ago, we came across that video of spritely British youth Sophia Grace rapping over a DJ Mustard-style beat for her track "Best Friends" and decided to have some fun with it. An article we ran, titled "Watch this Tween Effectively End G House," caused somewhat of a stir online. The fuss made it into the purview of a number of DJs, most notably Aussie-Angeleno production whiz Danny Chien, better known to the world as Wax Motif.


"I hadn't heard the track until someone sent me the article," Wax Tells THUMP. " And after milling on it a few days, the song just kept getting stuck in my head." On Monday, Wax uploaded a "Best Friends" remix to SoundCloud, an apparent response tune, tagged under the genres #GHOUSEISDEAD and #TrollHouse:

"I guess you could say the article was the catalyst," explains Wax. "But I actually thought it was kinda funny. I understand the reference, although the original version is definitely not a house record. I like a bit of humor though, and life shouldn't be taken so seriously. Making my edit was my own cheeky way of responding."

Inadvertently, Wax Motif and Sophia Grace have given us the hottest new style in dance music: "#TrollHouse. "It should already be a big thing. Why isn't there a genre for it on Beatport already?" asks Wax. "Or a #TrollHouse sample pack made up of Spice Girls and Aqua samples? Get it together, internet!"

Trolling or not, everyone seems to agree that Sophia Grace is a motherfucking badass 11 year old. "I gotta say she kinda a G," says Wax. "Who else do you know is 11 years old and has a record with 68 million views?"

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