The Strongest Looks in Ibiza Fashion History Are from Deep in the Ku Archives


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The Strongest Looks in Ibiza Fashion History Are from Deep in the Ku Archives

White Island fashion, before bucket hats were a thing.

The Ku Ibiza Best Years Facebook page is a cultural archive and a snapshot — or rather, thousands of snapshots — of a moment in time. It is Ibiza as it was, before the Irish bars and the fried chicken chains, back when it was all hippy-dippy hedonism and perfect sunsets. This is the Ibiza we're all told about, the Ibiza that Danny Rampling and the boys flew back to London from before changing popular culture forever.


Ku, for the uninitiated, was one of the most important elements of the development of Ibiza as a clubbers paradise. Its aircraft hanger sized main room led it to be labelled, by the Guinness Book of Records crew of statisticans, as the "world's largest club" — which is great and all, but here at THUMP we don't fixate on size too much (Editor's note: This is a reference to the author's anatomy) We're all about the music, man, and for a perfect taste of the Ku experience, why not check out this Balearic masterpiece of a mix from former resident DJ Ricardo.

Clubs, obviously, are places to see and be seen, so it's unsurprising that the deluge of photos added to Facebook every day is a veritable feast of the strongest looks we've ever seen. After hours of deliberation, here are ten of the best.

All photos by Ku Ibiza

These two know how to party. I've can't recall seeing a double act this strong in a long time. They'd take you out for a few quiet beers, that you'd pay for, louchley smoke you out of Camel Blue, order massive rounds of shots in on your debit card, dance the night away before fucking your girlfriend and leaving you to make the bed the morning after. And you wouldn't complain once.

If you and the squad have never rocked up to an Ibizan pleasure palace in a helicopter that lands on a beach then you haven't lived.

Have you ever seen such a potent photo before? The mini-moto! The leather and plaid jacket! The bottle green ankle swingers! I'm worried about getting pregnant as a direct result of looking at this and I'm physically incapable of carrying a child.


It's a shame that the world moved on and people aren't allowed to turn up to nightclubs dressed as racist impressions anymore.* Shout out too, Little Lord Fauntleroy on the left — really adds an uncomfortable dynamic to the photo.

You know when you hit the tiles with the lads for a proper session, and you've all got your new Cav Empt t-shirts on, and you all look at each other and think, "Yeah, we've smashed it tonight, boys. Ladies of Luton, you can't handle this,"? This is what you think you look like. You don't. You will never, ever, ever look as out of this world as these absolute ballers do.

If this isn't hands down one of the best things you've ever seen then, buddy, you don't deserve the gift of vision.

Sometimes you've just got to step back and soak things up. From the jump suit on the left to the reanimated Andy Warhol in the middle to the coquettish forker on the far right, this one oozes downtown NYC class. You might catch this lot hanging out in the backroom of Ku talking about Julien Schnabel, good cocaine, and how important a hats are, and you will never want to be more part of a friendship circle — however bitchy and life-destroying it might be — in your life.

Got an issue with older people in the club have you? Come back to me when you've successfully pulled off the biggest drug deals your nation's ever seen while being charming enough to get away with it, you young, boring, deluded fuck.


Tony's divorce from Angie was a pretty messy one, so he decided to fuck off to Ibiza for a few months to find himself. What he actually found was that a slick backed ponytail coupled with a shirt made out of his grandmother's curtains transformed him into a total stud. He's got the cheeky glint and oddly over-developed forearm of a man who's got the island running dangerously low on Durex.

Swag is for boys, class is for men.

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* This, obviously, is a joke. It is a very good thing that this doesn't happen anymore.