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Loscil's Remix of Sarah Neufeld's "Where the Light Comes In" Is a Dark Blanket for the Ears

Listen to the Vancouver ambient producer's subdued rework of the Arcade Fire violinist's solo cut.
October 27, 2016, 4:59pm
Photo by Gesi Schilling

While she's best known as one of the core members of Canadian indie rock heroes Arcade Fire, experimental composer and violinist Sarah Neufeld is incredibly prolific, playing in several other Montreal-based groups and releasing solo records under her own name. In February, she put out her stirring sophomore LP The Ridge, featuring her Arcade Fire bandmate Jeremy Gara on drums.

Today we're premiering Vancouver ambient producer Loscil's remix of "Where the Light Comes In," which sees the Kranky affiliate (whose real name is Scott Morgan) take the album highlight in a chillier, more subdued direction, making it perfect for late autumn walking playlists. Of the collaboration, the violinist tells THUMP via email, "Many times I have sunk into the bliss of his music, and now this deep dark blanket for our ears."

Listen to the remix below and check out Neufeld's upcoming European tour dates here.