This Sound Art Project Imagines a Steve Reich Remix of Your Ringtone

You'll never look at an iPhone the same way again.
March 3, 2017, 8:01pm

Bored with your current ringtone? Wish you could get one of the greatest composers of all-time to come up with music that plays every time your mom calls? "Steve Reich Is Calling" is a project designed by New York-based programmer Seth Kranzler, which runs two iPhone marimba ringtones at different start times, inspired by the American minimal music pioneer's work.

Created for this year's Stupid Hackathon in New York—a one-day event where "participants create projects that have no value whatsoever"—it uses Reich's phasing technique to interweave the marimba melodies, resulting in an oddly hypnotic composition.

Listen to the smartphone symphony here via Electronic Beats.

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