Jazz Cartier and Lantz Join Forces with T-Minus for the Good of Toronto on "Tempted"

This is a huge moment for the city's rap world.
January 3, 2017, 7:47pm

T-Minus's signature sound has been missed from rap. The Scarborough producer behind "I'm on One" and "Swimming Pools" made a comeback last month with YG and Lil Wayne's "Trill" and now self-proclaimed prince of Toronto Jazz Cartier has enlisted T-Minus for new single "Tempted." Working alongside Jacuzzi's longtime producer Lantz (as well as producer Sean Fischer), T-Minus' woozy, gothic funk allows the rapper to give his subject matter the biblical heft it aims for.


It's unknown whether this will end up on Jazz' upcoming Fleurever project, but working with a producer who's given so much to Toronto's rap identity goes a long way to solidifying the potentially forthcoming Cartier administration. Listen to "Tempted" below.

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