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McAfee Found a Lawyer in Guatemala

VICE released a video teaser of its travels with McAfee, and the story may be coming to a climax.
December 4, 2012, 11:24pm

This McAfee saga just keeps on going, doesn't it? We knew over the weekend that some VICE colleagues had gone to meet with him in secret, and we were by turns baffled and amused at the way that VICE accidentally gave up his location. Now that that's all over with, McAfee has emerged in Guatemala, and here we have a little teaser of an upcoming video for the VICE YouTube show Fringes.

While the bit where McAfee discusses hanging himself with his pants (in the negative, mind you) will likely compete with McAfee-on-a-boat for getting the most commentary, it's the part where he mentions his legal counsel that's most important. According to a new post on his current blog, McAfee has retained new legal counsel that also may explain why Sam, the woman with him, has continued on the journey, and why the U.S. Embassy in Belize had yet to speak with McAfee when we spoke to officials there:

I have retained Telésforo Guerra, former Attorney General for the country of Guatemala, to assist in my fight against the Government of Belize.  Mr. Guerra is one of most prominent attorneys in Guatemala and, as a shared border neighbor, is well versed in the intricate system of corruption with the Belizean Government.  Mr. Guerra is Samantha’s uncle.

I have, in the past three weeks, had no contact with the American Embassy in Belize.  Since many employees of the Embassy are Belizean nationals, I did not feel safe in communicating with them.  Now that I am in Guatemala, and in a safe harbor, I will reach out to the Embassy here.

It looks like McAfee may finally be gearing up to legally defend the innocence he's claimed all along, although it's hard to imagine the proceedings will be anything but straightforward considering the public attention he's gotten during his lie- and ruse-filled run. Stay tuned for the next chapter of McAfee's journey, and until then, here's the McAfee on a boat GIF you've been waiting for, via @danstuckey:

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