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[Premiere] Boy Meets Alien Girl in This Animated Music Video

A relationship between an alien and a human is cut short in Sam Kogon's 'I Was Always Talking' music video.
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A succession of psychedelic dream sequences and Starship Troopers references envisions an alt-rock ballad about an interplanetary relationship between a young alien girl and a human boy. "I Was Always Talking" the new music video for the collaborative track between Brooklyn singer-songwriters Sam Kogon and Frankie Cosmos, off the former’s sophomore album, Psychic Tears (Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records), places 3D animated characters inside real world environments, giving it a sort of Adult Swim-y charm. Kogon and Cosmos tapped Hotdog Sandwich, made up by Malcolm Rizzuto and Spencer Garrison, for the music video. The lyrics were originally written about a friend breakup, after moving to a new place, but considering the song’s epic buildup, Hotdog Sandwich decided to elevate the narrative to an intergalactic romance that gets cut short when the alien girl is forced to return to her home planet.


The idea was seeded after Kogon and Hotdog Sandwich established a mutual understanding that aliens exist. After hammering out a rough narrative and a list of science fiction movies they wanted to reference, Hotdog Sandwich started working on the animation with a super freeform approach. “We rarely said ‘no’ to an idea,” the duo tells The Creators Project. Hotdog Sandwich started to experiment with 3D tracking 2D characters within filmed spaces because it followed this “surreal feeling of displacement” first introduced through the music. “but most of what is there came about by having the freedom to experiment within the narrative, manipulating images beyond recognition and trying out new things as we went along.”

Watch the music video in its entirety below:

"I Was Always Talking" is off Sam Kogon's album, Psychic Tearsout now on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records. Click here to learn more about Frankie Cosmos, and here to visit Hotdog Sandwich's website.


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