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The Kings Get a Koons

Sacramento's NBA team announces their $9.5 million commission of a Jeff Koons 'Coloring Book' sculpture for their stadium plaza.
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Jeff Koons loves basketball. Now, basketball loves Jeff Koons. Yesterday the Sacramento Kings announced their plans to commission an original sculpture by the artist to the healthy tune of $9.5 million. Selected by a panel at the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission as part of their initiative “Art in Public Places,” the sculpture is from the artist’s Coloring Book collection in his Celebration series. In bold sheets of orange, pink, yellow, and blue stainless steel, the brand new work showcase the new Entertainment and Sports Center (ESC) plaza.


“With all of the excitement around the new arena, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to have my work prominently displayed in Sacramento,” said Koons in a press release. “Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time in Sacramento, from discovering the downtown area to visiting the train museum for inspiration. To have Coloring Book interact with the vibrancy of the city and its citizens is going to be fantastic.”

Check out the official announcement to learn more.


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