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Tiny 'Ant-Man' Sculptures Invade London's Streets

Micro-artist Slinkachu has embedded tiny installations of Marvel's super small superhero in the urban landscape.
July 28, 2015, 3:30pm
Images via, © Slinkachu

Marvel's Ant-Man moviehas been ruling the box office over the last few weeks, and now the tiny hero has made his debut on the streets of London, in the form of super-tiny figures by micro-artist, Slinkachu.

Marvel recently commissioned Slinkachu to create the installations and place them around London. The artist has been "abandoning little people on the streets" for the last nine years, using reposed and painted train set figures and props from model railways to create his miniscule scenes—often humorous tableaus, like a tiny graffiti artist spray-painting some leaves, figures swimming in a melted lollipop, or skaters using an orange peel as a skatepark.


For his latest series, he's modeled Ant-Man riding a winged ant (a real one, according to Slinkachu), near the moored HMS Belfast at London Bridge, the micro-hero readying himself to leap off a coin-operated telescope at Embankment opposite the London Eye, and battling nemesis Yellow Jacket on a bollard near Waterloo station.

You can check out more of Slinkachu's pieces below:

Riding the ant

Readying to leap from a telescope

Battling Yellowjacket

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