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Awesome Architecture GIFs Channel Tetris And Bend Reality

This is what it would look like if work by David Chipperfield and others came to life.
June 2, 2014, 4:59pm

A large prismatic column plummets to the ground, lining up perfectly with surrounding cubes, which vanish in an instant to make room for more, an unending cycle of creation and destruction. While that sounds like an overwrought description of the classic arcade game Tetris, it also summarizes the beauty of Mirador Building, an art GIF created by French architecture student Axel de Stampa in a series called Architecture Animée.


Part of a project called1 Week 1 Project—where Stampa and colleague Sylvain Macaux challenged themselves to create 52 pieces of "spontaneous architecture" over the course of a year—each image captures the work of well-known architects like Herzog & de Meuron and David Chipperfield, then turns each on it’s head.

De Stampa adds, subtracts, bends, molds, warps, and distorts his subjects into surreal ever-looping machines that extrapolate on the aesthetic of the original buildings. For example, his interpretation of the Zollverein School, originally designed by Sanaa, takes the scattered, asymmetrical window array and scatters it further so the panes swarm to and fro across its walls:

The Tetris-ification of the Mirador Building was the perfect opportunity for an architect to inject a splash of pop culture-y goodness into his work. The image has us looking for gaps in the NYC skyline that need to be filled with giant geometric shapes—we're seeing skyscraper-sized Tetris everywhere now.

See more images from Stampa's series below:

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