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How Much Would You Pay for Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch?

Would you pay, say $100 million? What if the price included the King of Pop's sole surviving llama?
May 29, 2015, 4:30pm
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Michael Jackson’s controversial “Neverland” ranch, once home to 2,700 acres of the late pop star’s uninhibited indulgences, will soon hit the market for a formidable $100 million. The SoCal complex, recently redubbed the “Sycamore Valley Ranch” by Sotheby’s, Hilton & Hyland, and International Realty, was purchased by Jackson from businessman William Bone in 1987 for just under $20 million. As the legend goes, the King of Pop then proceeded to build it into his own personal amusement park, complete with its own Ferris wheel, roller coaster, 50-seat theater (including in-built trap doors), the on-site Neverland Valley Fire Department, and two 12,000 square foot lakes—all alongside the sprawling grandeur of Bone's family home.


To weed out both the superfans and the haters, the listing agents plan to administer “extensive prequalification” before considering any appropriate candidates, and will not be giving tours of the property. While potential buyers must mourn the loss of a free visit, along with some of Neverland’s most outlandish attractions—including the fire department staff, Jackson’s miniature zoo, and even its once whimsical name—the railroad tracks, memorable floral clock, and the King of Pop's last surviving llama remain.  Via VICEWSJ


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