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A Warehouse-Sized Plastic Sheet Dances in Artificial Wind

Zimoun's new large-scale work is blowing in the wind... of 64 ventilator motors.

Using motors, wood, rope, metal, a controlling system, and a huge polyethylene sheet measuring 23' x 46', 64 ventilators, 98m² polyethyleen foil 0.08mm, 2015, is a giant installation that flaps about like something's trying to break through the other side—thankfully, it also incorporates a soothing mechanical sound that's signature to the artist Zimoun's past work. The Swiss artist is perhaps best known for using rather prosaic objects—the sort you might find in a hardware store—and turning them into hypnotic sound sculptures and installations, like when he turned a room into a sea of shuffling cardboard boxes.


The result of 64 ventilators, 98m² polyethyleen foil 0.08mm, 2015, which debuted at the STRP Biennial at Eindhoven, the Netherlands last month, gives the dancing plastic a kind of mesmerizing uncanniness through what looks like a seemingly autonomous setup. It's the kind of thing that feels left behind for someone to chance upon and ponder what on earth it's doing there.

Check out Zimoun's 64 ventilators, 98m² polyethyleen foil 0.08mm, 2015 in the video above and images below:

Photos © Studio Zimoun, courtesy the artist


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