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OWSLA Debuts a New Compilation with a Killer Dance Video

The 'Worldwide Broadcast' compilation is a new 16-track mix featuring two new Skrillex tracks, a new music video, and a fashion collab.
January 19, 2016, 5:50pm
From Bixel Boys & Poupon's "Ain't Your Girl," directed by Pavel Brenner. All images courtesy of OWSLA

Skrillex-spearheaded record label OWSLA has announced its taste-making compilation for 2016, Worldwide Broadcast, to be released January 29. The mix includes 16 new tracks from acts including Getter & Ghastly, Wiwek, Mija, Boaz, Bixel Boys & Poupon, WAVEDASH, San Holo x Yellow Claw, Alvin Risk, and more, plus Skrillex's own new work. Bixel Boys are spearheading the release with a fresh music video for "Ain't Your Girl," directed by Pavel Brenner, and a fashion collab between their #FREELIFE clothing store and LA streetwear brand, Dimepiece.

The fashion line and video work in tandem to showcase street dance culture, with a dash of Kill Bill-style mythos. Decked out in Dimepiece gear, a series of seriously talented dancers face-off in a twisted battle to be the best—and to save their own lives. "We show a dystopian world where the violence became casual and serves to entertain the crowd," Brenner tells The Creators Project.


With videos like Lorn's "Acid Rain," co-directed with previous project Room 113, in his portfolio, the director has proven talented at conveying emotion, atmosphere, and narrative through dance, a notion that "Ain't Your Girl" confirms. "The best mix you can have with a great song would be a great choreography," Brenner says. "You can say a lot with no words only by showing body movements and the personality of your talent."

Marilyn Hue

Brenner unearthed the seed of the video the moment "Ain't Your Girl" touched his eardrums. "The first image that came to my mind was an Asian girl holding a garrote wire before an assassination," he says. Thus he enlisted Korean dancer Lia Kim as the protagonist, a talented dance battler who is forced to watch every opponent she bests murdered by the violent dictator hosting the matches. Bixel Boys wanted this dystopia to be universal, adds Brenner, so he recruited a diverse cast, including Lando Wilkins, Habby Jacques, Mislee, Konkrete, and Miss Moore, to play the victims.

As in Brenner's "Acid Rain," the choreography isn't simply a means to a narrative end, but the true focus of the film. "We didn’t want to focus on the violence itself. It was interesting to have a contrast between young talented dancers and the older dictator who lost all his humanity and uses his military men to control the society," he says. The team initially had included imagery of a family watching the battle on TV and betting on the winners, but opted to cut those scenes to streamline the video. Brenner continues, "I think that the real juxtaposition here would be the creativity and tyranny."


Check out moments from "Ain't Your Girl," the tracklist for Worldwide Broadcast, and highlights from the OWSLA x Dimepice x #FREELIFE capsule collection below.

Marilyn Hue

Marilyn Hue

Marilyn Hue

Marilyn Hue

Worldwide Broadcast tracklisting:

1.) GTA - "Red Lips (feat. Sam Bruno) (Skrillex Remix)"

2.) Getter & Ghastly - "666!"

3.) Wiwek - "Rebels (ft. Audiobullys)"

4.) DJ Snake - "Middle (Mija Remix)"

5.) josh pan - "platinum (feat. Xian and Gaszia)"

6.) Boaz - "Flippo"

7.) Louis The Child - "From Here"

8.) Bixel Boys & Poupon - "Ain’t Your Girl"

9.) WAVEDASH - "Bang"

10.) DJ Sliink & Nadus vs. Manolo Rose (feat. Fame School) - "Run Ricky Run"

11.) Barely Alive - "Back To Back"

12.) San Holo x Yellow Claw - "Alright"

13.) G-Buck - "B.O.B." 

14.) Alvin Risk ft. Princesa - "Dreamtime"

15.) Skrillex & MUST DIE! - "VIP's"

16.) Pretty Bye Bye

Stay tuned for the Worldwide Broadcast compilation on the OWSLA homepage. See more from Pavel Brenner and Dimepiece on their websites.


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