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Digital Photos Capture Paint Swirling in Water

Alex Nero’s digital photographs create Rorschach-like images that explore the human psyche.
All images courtesy the artist

This article was originally published on April 17, 2016 but we think it still rocks!

Water continues to be a source of inspiration for artists, both aesthetically and as a tool in their art-making. Alex Nero uses digital photography to capture the movements of paint within water and the ways in which these interactions create something new and often mysterious. He began experimenting with this process a few years ago as part of a 365 day photography project. Beyond their aesthetic complexity, the images are an exploration into the human psyche.


"My experiments with fluid dynamics taught me to embrace the unknown and to let go of the obsession to keep things under control," Nero tells The Creators Project. "I very much like the idea that on a subatomic level, the energy present in the room at the time I create my works, somehow influences the final outcome. Am I crazy to think that?"


Each composition leaves enough room for the viewer to make their own interpretation, like colorful Rorschach tests.

Nero also uses mirrors, magnets and other tools to create the effects within his works. These visual experiments become just as reflective within the process of making as they do in their final iteration. Each one offers a space for reflection on color, movements and the subconscious.


To learn more about Alex Nero's work, click here.


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