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Watch Urban Skywalkers Scale And Hack A Massive Hong Kong Billboard

Hacking a giant billboard suspended hundreds of feet above the streets of Hong Kong was the most fitting way for the On The Roofs skywalkers to bid farewell to their beloved urban playground.
October 14, 2014, 5:00pm





Whether you call them daredevils, skywalkers, or urban explorers, we can always count on Russian cadre On The Roofs to risk life, limb, and law to give us an escape from our rolling chair-bound woes. Today, see the skyscraper scaling group spearheaded by Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov bring their exploits to Hong Kong for a new stunt: hacking a massive billboard to give the city a larger-than-life, "What's up?"


On The Roofs pulled out all the stops for What's Up Hong Kong, layering themselves with cameras, and even piloting a drone hundreds of feet above the city in order to capture their daring act. First, see the explorers wander through the streets of Hong Kong, passing markets and dirt-covered streets. Then, see them barrel through industrial stairwells and emergency exits. After a brief drone selfie, the boys get to work, embedding their message into the giant display, then bolting like the law was after them—which it very well may have been.

The trip was clearly worth the risk for On The Roofs, though, since the video has gotten over a million hits so far, and shows no signs of stopping. In their video description, they give thanks to "Nikolai Zheludovich, Arseni Khachaturan and Lau Fat Hing Hercules," stating, "We wouldn’t have had this without them." We're glad Lau and the gang were there, because this stunt has cemented On The Roofs as reigning champions of urban exploration. Perhaps 17-year-old skywalker Demid Lebedev and his generation will someday vie for the title, but until then, enjoy the fruit of On The Roofs' labor below:

Visit On The Roof's website to scale their repertoire of cutting edge urban exploration.

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