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[Music Video] Vinyl Williams Puts on Kaleidoscope Eyes for "Space Age Utopia"

Tie your shoes, we're about to get trippy.
August 13, 2015, 9:40pm
GIF and screencap by the author, via

The new music video from Vinyl Williams is like looking at what the world thought the future was gonna look like back in the 80s. Williams takes us on yet another music driven psychedelic trip in "Space Age Utopia," featuring neon infrared graphics similar to his collaboration with Brooklyn based producer Rioux back in 2013, and more recently, the interactive music video he made for The Quincey. Williams once again delivers that distorted, surreal VHS feel that looks like a bootleg tape sold by a dude on the street who records movies in the theater with his flip phone, but actually was working for the Spectacular Optical Corporation the whole time. Williams does it all in this kick ass new music video, tying the new digital life into his audiovisual World Soul project. Check it out below:

See more of Vinyl Williams' work on his website.


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