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Good News: There's a Robo-Rock Band Race Going On

Do androids scream of electric sheep?

Even though “being a rock musician” hasn’t been a viable job for over a decade, robots are still dead-set on taking it from us.

Earlier this week, we discovered that zombie Sprite-flavored beer Zima was sponsoring a robo-rock band in Japan, and now it seems General Electric is firing back with a robot rock band of its own.

On November 12, Compressorhead will be playing in Union Square in Manhattan all afternoon, complete with fog machines, lasers, WiFi and charging stations.

Like most bands when they first start out, Compressorhead are all about five-feet tall and appear to cover the Ramones and Nirvana. They’re made out of scrap metal, which probably explains where they developed an interest in being in something as retrograde as a rock band.

Unlike their Japanese counterparts, Compressorhead give something like an interview, although it’s not really clear if it’s Bones (the bassist) or Fingers (on both lead and rhythm guitar) answering the questions. It’s just obviously not the drummer, because that’s not how bands work.

For what it’s worth the videos make these robots seem a lot more mobile than Z-Machines, and we were promised lasers and WiFi at their show, so if you’re free on Tuesday, please check it out, charge your phone, sarcastically comment that they're more soulful than Clapton. Also, as advice to Compressorhead, try to get a Blur v. Oasis thing going with Z-Machines.