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‘Doom Eternal’ Looks Like It’ll Be DUNDUN. DUNDUN. BOOOWWWWM.

Gameplay for the highly anticipated sequel to 2016's 'Doom' reboot was revealed on Friday at QuakeCon.
Screengrab: YouTube

CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA REEEEEEER. What video game could I be writing about that would allow for that egregious sentence to make it past my editor? Doom Eternal, of course, the highly anticipated sequel to id Software’s 2016 reboot of the classic shooter series. The game was unveiled on Friday at QuakeCon in Dallas, Texas, and it looks incredibly freaking sick.

Doom Eternal was a surprise announcement at E3 in June, and the short teaser released at that time suggested that the sequel would take place on Earth (overrun with Hell demons, of course), whereas 2016’s Doom was set on Mars and in Hell. A post by Bethesda—the game’s publisher—stated that Doom Eternal will introduce the next “leap” in the rebooted series’ fast-paced and visceral action. Based on the gameplay that was just revealed on Friday, Doom Eternal looks poised to deliver on all of that and more.


The first thing to note is that gameplay has not been totally revamped, which is a good thing—the fast paced, hard hitting core of the game (glory kills and all) seems totally intact with a few very important additions.

There’s the new entries to the Doomguy’s core arsenal, for starters: An arm-mounted blade that the player shoves through demon heads during glory kills, for example, and a grappling hook attached to the super shotgun. Yes, a grappling hook—zooming around arenas was a big part of 2016’s Doom, and now the high-flying antics look even more amped up. There’s the new enemies: zombie marines, a robot arachnid that looks like a giant brain, and a kind of mechanical demon centaur, just to name a few. As the E3 teaser suggested, parts of the game will take place on a post-apocalyptic Earth, which looks incredible—smoking, molten skyscrapers, gaping holes in the Earth, and demons everywhere. But that’s not all; players will also be ripping and tearing through outer space and the depths of Hell once more.

Doom Eternal will also add an apparently Dark Souls-style world invasion feature, where players can join each other’s games to do some fragging. There will also be a lot more background lore and exploration—a particularly exciting addition since the sci-fi elements in 2016’s Doom were firmly in the background of the experience. Doom Eternal also adds “destructible demons” to the game, which is exactly as gory and gross and fun as it sounds.


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There are some signs that Doom Eternal is trying its hand at some political humor—”’Demon’ can be an offensive term, refer to them as mortally challenged,” and “Earth is the universe’s melting pot” were both lines intoned by a kind of AI overseer, hinting at some kind of commentary about political correctness, which could backfire more quickly than experimenting with Hell energy on Mars. It would be an easy thing to fuck up, but I’m willing to have faith in Doom having played the Bethesda-published and staunchly anti-fascist Wolfenstein reboot.

Perhaps the most exciting moment of the announcement, for me, came when the developers stated that they’re “not just making a Doom game anymore, we’re building a Doom universe.”

Oh, also, more gameplay from Rage 2 was revealed—it looks kind of cool—and some new Elder Scrolls stuff too, yadda yadda, anyway:


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