The Living Eyes Aren't Going to Turn Down For Anyone

The Geelong band return with the first song from their album 'Modern Living'.
October 4, 2017, 12:57am
Photo: Ben Forde

Geelong miscreants The Living Eyes return with Modern Living, their third album of hotted up, real time rock n roll. That's them, drinking beers and horsing around, in the dark parking lot above. When they're not hanging out next to ALDI, the four-piece blast scuzzed and dirty guitar rock.

Check "Horseplay", the first track lifted from the album below. Fast and furious, it features vocalist Billy Gardener spitting lyrics about not taking any excuses or turning down. A good little guitar solo/lead drops in half way through.


Gardener doesn't have a whole lot to say about the song. "It's in D. It reminds me of Straight Arrows - though the rest of the record doesn't. I like the flanger at the end. Horseplay is a term that my nan uses. The song doesn't have much meaning though. We've been playing it live for a while now.. maybe it's time I bought a flanger."

Featuring artwork by Paris Richens of Hierophants and Parsnip, Modern Living is available for pre-order through Anti-Fade Records. It will be released Nov 17 with a USA pressing through Neck Chop records and EU pressing through Gone With The Weed.

'Modern Living' is available Nov 17 on Anti-Fade Records. USA pressing through Neck Chop records. EU pressing through Gone With The Weed.