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Marilyn Manson Flicked an Interviewer in the Nuts

In a new Guardian interview, Manson also says that he is "chaos" and many more strange and hilarious things.
Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Well… he's definitely back. As if beefing with one of the planet's biggest pop stars wasn't enough, Marilyn Manson seems to now be in rare, disruptive form for his Heaven Upside Down promo cycle. In a new interview with the Guardian, Manson at one point flicked writer Alexis Petridis in the dick. This is not exaggeration, it's the leadoff paragraph.

I have encountered a lot of unusual things as a journalist, but have thus far managed to get by without an interviewee touching my genitals. More surprising still is that leaning over and flicking my testicles appears to form part of [Manson's] answer to a question about whether he has ever felt consumed by the character he created a quarter of a century ago, in the same way that Bowie struggled to separate himself from Ziggy Stardust or the Thin White Duke.


What's weird isn't the ball-touching, it's that Manson chose to engage in this very specific and carefully-guided invasion of personal space without warning during an otherwise normal interview. Actually, that's a lie: this interview sounds like it was fucking bonkers even without the dick-flicking. Manson blames the 1999 Columbine shooting for "destroying" his career temporarily, and acknowledges his burgeoning icon status in rap, stating that "rappers are hardcore and they're real; rock 'n' roll is so pussy and so lame."

There are even more outlandish quotes within, such as this:

"I wake up in the morning and I just realize that I am chaos. That's my job—I am a goddamn tornado," he announces at one juncture. "You look at it, behold it, you get caught up in it, it tears off your roof—and I'm from Ohio, so I know about tornadoes".

If you're a fan of Manson's, you definitely can't this interview, so check it out in full here.

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