'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Glitch Creates a Gazillion Waluigis

Is this cursed, or blessed?
Waluigi glitch in Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Image: YouTube/TheAfroJow

If you’re a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player pining for Waluigi to be put in the fighting game as a playable character, you’re still out of luck. But a newly identified glitch can fulfill your wish in the most twisted way possible—and give you an entire screaming horde of Waluigis.

According to YouTuber TheAfroJow—and spotted by Nintendo Life—if two players are fighting as the character Isabelle, it’s possible to trigger a glitch that spawns a seemingly infinite number of Waluigi assist trophies. The result is extremely cursed (or blessed, depending on how you feel about Waluigi), as Waluigis fill the screen and their insane laughter crescendos into pure chaos.


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According to TheAfroJow, the glitch is triggered when two Isabelles try and obtain the same assist trophy nearly at the same time. The trick appears to work with numerous assist trophies, and TheAfroJow has shown how two Isabelles can spawn a huge number of, say, Knuckles from the Sonic franchise. These characters assist players, and having a ton of them come to your aid is a game-winning advantage.

“Today’s the day we found out Isabelle is pretty [overpowered],” the YouTuber says in a video, “but please don’t fix it.”

It’s a good day to be a Waluigi stan—less so if you hate the purple stringbean.

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