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Australia's Deadliest Soldier Discusses Training to Kill

In this episode of Violent Times, we interview Sgt. Paul Cale about state-sanctioned violence.
February 8, 2019, 3:51am
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In episode three of Violent Times, we meet SAS Commando Paul Cale. He is a founding member of the Second Commando Regiment; an elite branch of the Australian Defence Force who suffered more casualties than any other military unit through several tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2013 Paul made headlines when he stormed an enemy compound and strangled a Taliban leader with his bare hands. The act earned him the nickname Killer Commando, and he has since become known as Australia’s Toughest Soldier.

To deal with the violent objectives required of him as a leading SAS Commando, Paul developed personal psychological procedures to allow him to carry out these acts without sentiment or emotion. Although seemingly clinical, he explains that he drew on his own emotional past to juggle this confronting mix of protocol, discipline and instinct.

In the years since his deployment, Paul has developed a new instinctive model for close quarter warfare titled Integrated Close Combat, a method that combines his experiences with military tactics that has been adopted by elite special forces around the world.

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