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Weed Plants Can Make Beautiful Music, Apparently

Have you ever heard a plant-based synthesizer *on weed*?

Here's a highdea. If weed could make music, what do you think it might sound like? Would our little buds make stoner metal, droning along hazily as a gruff-voiced man sings about chemtrails? Would it churn out bratty punk songs, scrawling crude drawings of cats and anarchy symbols in the margins of their notebooks? Would it make foggy, drawling West Coast rap?

Thanks to the green-thumbed folks over at MIDI Sprout, we have an answer. Back in mid-April the makers of the plant-based instrument—which reads micro-voltages on the surface of leaves, not unlike a lie detector test, and translates them into MIDI data that can be read by a synthesizer—took some time during a trip to South America to attach their device to a cannabis plant. In a video posted to their YouTube channel—which was originally published on April 20, naturally, but started floating around again yesterday thanks to the wonderful weed zine Dope Girls—you can hear the results.

The pattern it produces is slow and droning, with high-pitched melodies that move in graceful arcs and bass tones that hum monotonously. It's, frankly, not all that different from the sort of spacey synth stuff that I spend most of my days listening to whilst blogging.

So, happy 4/20 in July. Check out the beautiful music of marijuana in the video below, and head over to our 2016 feature on MIDI Sprout for a more detailed understanding of how the instrument actually works.