Aries, August 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli 


This story is over 5 years old.


Aries, August 2017

August is intense, but you're always up for a challenge.

August opens with the Sun in Fire sign Leo, putting you in the mood to have fun and spend time with the people you love; however, don't expect this month to be light and easy—there are two eclipses plus a Mercury retrograde! Let's see what this month has in store for you.

August opens with lucky planet Jupiter, in Libra (which has been bringing blessings to your relationships), squaring off with Pluto, in Capricorn, on August 4. This is a motivating combination of planetary energies! Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and Pluto is all about power. When you want something, Aries, you don't stop until you get it, and you'll have plenty of planetary oomph behind you. The atmosphere is ultra competitive, but let's be real, my ram friend: You thrive under that kind of energy!


The lunar eclipse in Aquarius lands August 7, which will be major for your social life, Aries. Things are changing, so you may say goodbye to a few people, or groups, you've been associating with. This shift will be emotional (and exhausting, so don't overbook yourself), but these changes are for the best.

Eclipses help move us in the direction we're meant to go, no matter how stressful the changes may be. The other thing about eclipses is that they tend to reveal secrets, so watch: A situation you thought was all fun and games may suddenly become much more complicated and intense!

On August 12, Mercury retrograde begins in Virgo, so expect miscommunication and delays, especially with your day-to-day schedule. Get organized at work, because things may go awry if you don't. "Mercury is retrograde" is my favorite excuse for running late; however, that probably won't fly with your boss!

Avoid signing contracts, and triple check all communication. Paperwork will be frustrating, but do what you have to do. On that note, expect drama with phone calls, texts, or missed emails landing in the junk folder. It's probably better to wait until the retrograde ends, on September 5, to have important conversations.

The solar eclipse in fellow Fire sign Leo arrives August 21. This is major for your love life and for the creative projects you're working on. Leo is the sign of royalty and stardom—and, as such, is dramatic, so expect theatrics. Tears will flow—this is a time for emotional release!


New phases are beginning: in romance, in your artistic pursuits, and in how you have fun. Our concept of a good time changes as we mature, and you, Aries, are at a maturing point. A powerful, whirlwind romance may begin, and perhaps a creative project that allows you to tap into your talents.

On August 22, the Sun enters Virgo, and you ruling planet, Mars, in Leo, connects with Saturn in Sagittarius. Virgo season is time for you to get organized. (Like, seriously, clean up your home, Aries!) Be honest with yourself about your bad habits and try breaking a few of them. Physical wellness is on your mind, and so is your day job, so if you're looking to shift things around, the Sun's journey through Virgo is the time to do it.

Mars in Leo is energizing you to chase what makes you happy and what warms your heart. (Each zodiac sign rules a body part, and Leo's is the heart, by the way.) Saturn in Sagittarius is helping you focus on your goals. When Mars and Saturn connect in the sky, you'll have the energy to overcome whatever hurdles you have—the atmosphere is supportive and stable.

Venus enters Leo August 25 (or 26, depending on your time zone), soon followed by Mercury entering Leo on August 31. Venus in Leo is a wonderful time for celebrating with friends—work the Leo vibes by wearing plenty of gold with your signature red, Aries!

You're feeling like your usual vivacious self, so flirting will feel natural and easy. (You've been in a quieter mood lately, as you might have noticed, but that changes now!) Romance is in the air; have fun with whomever you're partnered with. Creatively, Venus in Leo will bring you plenty of inspiration.

Mercury retracing its steps in Leo will find you running into people from your past as well as picking up a few conversations from July—ones that you never finished or that you didn't realize needed finishing. Mercury is the planet of communication, and when Leo roars, people listen. With that kind of power, little ram, be sure that you stand behind what you're saying.

This turbulent month wraps up on a supportive note: Jupiter, in Libra, making a lovely connection with Saturn in Sagittarius. This will bode well for your relationships; you'll be able to see the bigger picture and feel comfortable committing (which can sometimes stress you out, since freedom is so important to you). The energy is supportive—a fantastic way to end August! See you next month, Aries!