Elon Musk Asking for Twitter's 'Dankest Memes' Was an Incredible Self-Own

"You are 47 years old."
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
A choice Elon Musk meme
Meme via RabidRabbies / Twitter

Elon Musk is a man who seems like he needs a little help. He's spent the past few months bouncing from bad move to worse move, and all that dicking around has ultimately turned him into a living, breathing meme. On Thursday, ostensibly hoping to shift some of the attention off of himself, Musk put out a call asking Twitter to send him the "dankest memes"—stipulating only that they be "not moths tho," which, come on. Those are the best.


Unfortunately for Musk, his 23 million followers responded to the seemingly earnest task by sending memes that perfectly called out the absurdity of the original ask itself:

As the hours rolled by, the memes began to mutate, evolving into a heightened form both more artful and more painfully accurate than the ones that came before them.

There were John Wick memes:

There were



There was this, whatever this is:

At a certain point, it seemed as if Musk began to wilt under the pressure of all those memes, especially considering so many of them made him look like a dingus:

And yet the horde of Musk detractors out there only got more savage, as the responses to his tweet snowballed from actual memes into just—well, stuff like this:

Well, what can you do—another day, another failed experiment from the closest thing this world has to a real-life James Bond villain. At least it seems like he's learned his lesson here.

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