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Woman's Upper Lip Almost Falls Off After Unlicensed Filler Injection

Siobhan Phelan learned the hard way that you shouldn’t get your fillers done by someone you met on Facebook.
Stock photo by Aleksandra Jankovic via Stocksy

Here's a free tip: Don't have filler injected in your lips by someone you found on Facebook. If something seems too cheap to be true, it's probably not a good idea and it may or may not cause your lip to turn black and fall off.

In the UK, the Sun reports that 30-year-old Siobhan Phelan nearly lost her entire upper lip after an unlicensed cosmetician botched her procedure. The price of lip fillers at most licensed clinics begins at £300, but Phelan paid £125 after spotting a Facebook page advertising the cut-price procedure.


Within a day, her upper lip swelled alarmingly and the mother-of-two was rushed to hospital where doctors placed her on a drip. If it wasn't for prompt medical treatment, doctors believe that Phelan's upper lip would have eventually burst, turned black, and fallen off. (If this charming story teaches us anything meaningful, it's that socialized healthcare is a wonderful thing.)

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Unlicensed cosmetic surgery clinics are becoming a growing concern. In Britain, the British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons has asked the government to regulate dermal fillers and other non-surgical cosmetic procedures to prevent other people from enduring what Phelan paid money to go through.

"One only has to look at the constant stream of cautionary tales of botched filler stories in the media to see that the current landscape of unregulated non-surgical treatment is absolutely dire, with no regulation in sight," Rajiv Frover, consultant plastic surgeon and former BAAS president, told the Sun.

Facebook told Broadly that they did not believe Phelan found the clinic in question through Facebook advertising or sponsored posts. They added that the Sun had not provided them with details of the specific page to check whether it complied with their guidelines.

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Meanwhile, Fenton wants to use her near-lipless experience to encourage other people not to make the same mistake.

"I would never touch fillers again. I'm quite vain," she told the Sun. "I genuinely would have killed myself if I'd have lost my top lip. I'm so terrified because a lot of my friends get theirs done, so I have messaged them saying 'please be careful with who you go with."