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Bob Saget Addresses Rumors that He Is the Face on the Cholula Bottle

When you're lost out there and you're all alone, Danny Tanner's face will be on a bottle of freakin' hot sauce.
Photo via Flickr user Jeepersmedia

Does Bob Saget look like the Cholula Hot Sauce woman? It's a mildly fascinating question that’s managed to vex some pockets of the internet for months now. Everywhere you look, there’d be some dolt likening Danny Tanner's mug to the face of Camila Harrison, the late matriarch) of the Harrison family who produces the hot sauce.

To say the resemblance between Saget and Harrison is uncanny is, well, kind of extreme hyperbole. It’s more of a passing resemblance if you purposefully fudge your vision by diluting your irises with a whole bottle of Visine.


Still, Saget has engaged in feeding the rumor that he's the face on the bottle. He's posted about this resemblance as early as September of 2016, but the conspiracy theory that it's really his face on the bottle began gaining groundswell in June of this year. “Seriously, I do not remember posing for this,” he said on Instagram that month, accompanied by a photograph of the sauce itself.

Well, nearly five months later, Saget has issued his first public comment beyond those Instagram posts. "Someone sent me a tweet that said, you look like her, and I couldn't argue with it," he said on Thursday's episode of First We Feast's

Hot Ones

when prompted to address the rumor's origins. "The Cholula lady does have a resemblance."

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He mentioned that the company had been in touch with Saget’s representatives regarding a possible partnership, but nothing became of those conversations. "But Cholula hasn't let go of me," he claimed. "They keep holding on to the tiger's tail, saying, We supply the spice, Bob supplies the comedy. Somebody called up from my… one representative, and said, You want to do an ad, because you're kind of talking about him like he's promoting your product? But that's the end of the story, kids. It just sucks."

How rude! Cholula did not respond to immediate request for comment regarding whether it has plans to partner with Saget in the near future.