Diddy Has Changed His Name Again

Puffy, Puff Daddy, Sean? No. The man will only answer to Brother Love.

Sean Combs is a shining beacon for the art of doing what you want, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Take him Diddy Cropping people out of photos, for instance. Or how about all those times he muscled into the music and videos of iconic artists, only to mumble words like "uh uh" and "bad boy"—firmly making sure he was somewhere near center stage.

Of course Combs has also brought a lot of goodness into the world. As well as the aforementioned career of Christopher Wallace, Combs played a part in globalizing that sweet taste of Ciroc vodka and a whole bunch of other things that were probably once good but now forgotten (Revolt TV? the Sean John fashion line? Goatees). Either way, these achievements are moot compared to the fact Combs has changed his name umpteen times.

Since birth he's gone from his nickname of Puffy, to stage name of Puff Daddy, to P Diddy in 2001, to Diddy in 2005—with the Twitter name Sean Diddy Combs falling somewhere between. And now, you've got this: Brother Love. Or Love. Diddy doesn't care how you say it, it's just what you say. And you better get that shit right. Check it out in his own announcement video below.

Lesser men may have worried more about the change—they may have been concerned that a fourth name swap was one too many. But not Diddy. Diddy does whatever he wants, and he doesn't care what you think. We should probably all be slightly more like Diddy. It's actually pretty inspirational stuff: too often we get stuck in our ways, so Diddy's willingness to embrace his changing personality and priorities is something we can all look to for guidance. What a great message for a Monday.

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