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N.E.R.D. Returns with Rihanna-Featuring "Lemon"

Rihanna rapping! Pharrell beats! You can't go wrong!

After having a reunion teased over the past few weeks, N.E.R.D. have finally released with a new single called "Lemon." The group's last contribution to music was three tracks for the live-action Spongebob movie in 2014, and their last album proper came out in 2010, so you can forgive us for being a tiny bit excited. The new song is a minimal, bouncy rap track that has one of Pharrell's weird cartoon-y vocal performances but let's face it, you're here because Rihanna raps on this. Pharrell and Rihanna together is pretty much a no-brainer so really there's not much more to say. Watch the video for "Lemon" above.