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Today's Weirdest Twitter Beef Involves Ja Rule, 50 Cent, and Pornhub

Ja Rule attempted to smear 50's reputation today during a Twitter tirade. 2003 is back! Also, oh yeah Pornhub got involved.
Photo of Ja Rule: Scott Gries/Getty Images

Photo of 50 Cent: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If there ever comes a time when the dictionary fosters the definition of rap beef into its pages, Jeffery Atkins a.k.a. Ja Rule should be next to it. In 2003, when 50 Cent was rapidly taking hip-hop and pop culture by the throat, his main selling point was that the time for sensual hood ballads (Rule's specialty) was over and the time for people who survived nine gunshots and didn't sing hooks (him) had arrived. He crushed Ja Rule in historical fashion.


The overwhelming majority of the public only remembers the Ls Ja Rule went on to take after that point in the form of skits, songs, and interview clips. Very few remember when, from 1999-2003, Ja had four platinum selling albums, all of which charted in the top four. So it's understandable that Ja Rule would be a tad salty after how he and his Jamaica Queens counterpart's static played out, especially considering that 50 went on to adopt the poppy rap tunes he criticized Ja for during the height of their beef.

But shouldn't it all be over in 2018? Well, Ja Rule doesn't think so. This morning, he went on a Twitter tirade about his feelings towards 50, mentioning that Fif is his son, student, and paddawan [sic]. He also went on to stress that 50 Cent's life is owed to him.

What year is it again? Should we break out the Walkman portable CD players again? Anybody need a burned CD? Is the Chappelle's Show coming on tonight? Did Mitchell & Ness just re-up on 5XL throwback ABA jerseys? Should I start rocking my fitted hats to block my full field of vision again?

There are a few things to note. Both Ja Rule and 50 Cent are quite skilled when it comes to being shit-stirrers and masters of promotion. Today, Den of Thieves, a film in which 50 stars is debuting in theaters. He's also in the process of promoting his new TV series, The Oath. Ja Rule was tied to one of the biggest scams of the decade in last year's Fyre Fest. And most confusing of all, PornHub is claiming responsibility for the most recent shit storm. In short, neither are to be trusted. But one thing is for certain that should not be lost in the space between these past 15 years: 50 Cent washed Ja Rule and everybody knows it…except Ja.

Ja is firm in his stance, though. Shoutout to Nene Leakes for the inspiration.

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