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Thank Us or Sue Us, Here’s 45-Minutes of Stage Banter From KISS’ Paul Stanley

Getting through this is like finishing the 72 oz steak so you get it for free, and then dying.

OK, if you haven't heard this before, we've just discovered what's been missing from your life for the last four years. It's a rock solid 45-minutes of Paul Stanley shrieking between-song banter.

Besides the obvious "Who's ready to rock?" and "How many of you gals out there like to get licked?" some of the more common questions include:

Who wants to get drunk?
Who wants to get high?
Who is hot in here?
Who is hot out there?
Who is having a good time?
Who is ready to have a good time?
Who is ready to rock?
Is Toronto ready to rock?
Is New York Ready to rock?
How y'all feel?
You want some more Pittsburgh?
Are you ready to go home?

If you don't have time to dedicate 45-minutes of your waking life listening to a grown man in face paint yelling things like "hiiiiiiiiiigggggghhh" and "ALCOHo0OO0o0O00LLLLLL" to a hungry audience, you can always just tune in from the 17:00- 18:00 mark where Paul makes a loving dedication to the girls and women of Pittsburgh.