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Dressing the Part: Meet the Consultant Teaching Trans Women How to Be 'Feminine'

In this episode of A Day With, we stick around in NYC to meet with Monica Prata, a feminine image consultant and pioneer of a business that helps transgender women express their femininity to the max.

In a world where trans people have been denied the right to express their gender freely, a high femme cisgender woman named Monica Prata has stepped in to help. Monica hones her exceptional makeup skills, fashion savvy, and comportment knowledge to aid transgender women and men of all ages in finding and expressing their gender.

In this episode of A Day With, we meet with Monica Prata, founder of Nouveau She, a consulting business that supports transgender or transitioning individuals through any aspect of their life leading up to and, at times, beyond transition. After Monica left her promising career as a makeup artist, she worked as an assistant for world renowned San Francisco based facial feminization surgeon Douglas Ousterhout, where she became familiarized with the trans community. In NYC, where she now lives, Monica offers us an intimate glimpse into her work. We meet Chrissie, a 65 year old lawyer who is less than a few months away from living fully as a woman, as well as brother and sister Felix and Jeena who are both transitioning.


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