See Light in Its Transient Form in This New Audiovisual Installation

Let 'Liminal Scope' transport you back to a time of child like wonder.
May 30, 2017, 10:28pm
Images courtesy the artist

For most, the experience of being fully present is a comfort all but lost in our fast-paced consumer culture. Luckily, there's Liminal Scope: a new immersive audiovisual installation that aims to help people regain their sense of presence by visualizing light as it moves through space. The piece was created by artist duo Hovver, made up of Brooklyn-based artists Chris Lunney and Katherine Brice. Lunney, in describing the piece, points out that we don't usually see light in the middle, but instead see where it begins or ends. Through a column made up of three sculptural light rings, the immersive audiovisual installation attempts to frame the passage of light itself.

The installation debuted at Industry City, a 6,000,000 sq. ft. industrial warehouse that sits on the waterfront in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. A new documentary short from director Kendall Tichner and DP Alexander Barreto shows the space completely blacked-out to make the experience as mesmeric as possible. Each ring, made from a combination of wood, polished metal, and paint, is brought to life using custom fabricated mechanics, projectors, optics, artificial mist creators, and software. In addition to the installation's visual components, the artists developed a dynamic soundscape that plays out of collection of loud speakers that run throughout the space.

Lunney says that Liminal Scope is an abstract way to recapture presence, a meditative experience that keeps viewers engaged. By representing light in a way you never seen it, the artists seek to reawaken a childlike state of wonder that will reset you back into your body. Get a closer look at the installation and the artists who made it in the short video below:

The Liminal Scope installation was sponsored by the Industry City art space and curated by Wallplay. Check out more works by Hovver on their website.


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