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An Indian Guy Tried to Stop His Wife From Leaving the Country by Telling Airport Authorities She Was a Suicide Bomber

He made a hoax bomb threat and called his wife a ‘fidayeen’ in the hope that it would prevent her from leaving him.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
Indian guy tells airport authorities that wife is a terrorist to stop her from leaving
Photo via Pixabay

Long-distance relationships are hard. But this man was so bent on keeping his wife close to him that he called up airport authorities just as she was about to leave the country, and told them she was a terrorist.

The special cell of the Delhi Police has now arrested the 29-year-old man named Nasiruddin, who was hiding in the Bawana district in Delhi, for causing a red alert panic, resulting in a temporary suspension of all international flights from the airport. According to DCP (Special Cell) Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, the Delhi International Airport Limited’s call centre in Gurugram got a call on August 8, at 9 pm from a caller who said that a certain Zabina was carrying a bomb and was planning to set it off on a Dubai or Saudi Arabia bound flight. “The call was forwarded to airport security officials, police stations, IGI Airport and other agencies, including Special Cell. Airport Operations Control Centre [AOCC] contacted the caller who confirmed that Zabina, who has reached Delhi, is planning to leave for abroad. He also shared her contact number,” Yadav told The Hindu.

Nasiruddin, who owns a Chennai-based bag manufacturing company, was married to one of his employees named Zabina alias Rafiya. The two lived together in Chennai until she decided to take on a job offer she got from the Gulf. Upset about the situation, he tried to persuade her to stay, but she refused. “Nasiruddin married Zabina in 2017 but the two fought frequently over financial issues as she wanted to lead a better life. In July this year, Nasiruddin left for Bihar when Zabina planned to go abroad to earn money,” Yadav said. He also revealed that when Nasiruddin returned to Chennai, he visited his wife’s maternal home and was told she had already left for Delhi and was going to go on to someplace in the Middle East after. So, he resorted to an unconventional method of throwing everyone travelling out of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport into a frenzy by saying his wife was a ‘fidayeen’, a term used to refer to a suicide bomber.

A Serbian man had pulled off a similar stunt in July 2019 and made a fake bomb threat to try to keep an air hostess, who had already refused to have dinner with him once, in the country for longer.

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