Nef The Pharoah Gives It Up For Our Lord Saviour On "That Was God"

The Bay Area rapper reminisces and celebrates all the things going right in life in the premiere of his new video.
September 27, 2018, 4:45pm
Photo courtesy of PR

It's a common platitude that reality is cruel and unforgiving. Sometimes though, during the seemingly unending rough patches, we catch a break and celebrate the small wins and near misses. Bay Area's Nef The Pharaoh recognizes this and flaunts life's good graces accordingly for his new track "That Was God." Featuring Jay Brown and Lesia Brown, the three give praise for their family and friends living to see another day and making it "out the city where it's shitty and its strife" over punchy drums. While the church can be a somber site, Nef's energy throughout the video turns it into a site where we can all get high off the Lord's spiritual healing.

“I was raised in a church, but I’m also involved in the streets," says Nef The Pharoah over email. "Every time I go on stage I pray, a party could get shot up & none of my n****s die, that was God. I basically wanted to incorporate my lifestyle with the churches." Watch the video below.

This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.