GAUCI Present Scoops of Italo Disco, Punk and Pop

Like a musical Neapolitan ice cream, the Sydney trio offer flavourful variations of melody.
August 9, 2017, 1:37am

GAUCI are brother and sister Antonia and David Gauci teaming up with surrogate brother Felix Lush to produce a lush mix of disco, post punk and pop.

"Talking Over", the Sydney trio's latest track is filled with bongos, claps and synths. It's a song that makes even the hopeless of dancers feel like they have a shot on a dark 5am dance floor.

Antonia is a rising producer, who has worked alongside, and DMAs, while David and Felix are involved in post-punk outfits Publique and Death Bells. These different elements form to create a sound that sounds both unique and familiar.


To support the release, GAUCI are playing Volumes Festival in Sydney on Aug 19.

Listen below and read a quick chat we had with Antonia.

Noisey: Have you actually been to an Italian disco?
Antonia Gauci: Sadly no. Only the discos I went to as a kid in the 90s, wearing my treasured blue sequined halter-neck top. But I imagine it'd be something like Saturday Night Fever with lots of colours, lights, four to the floor grooves, everyone jazzed up in their finest outfits, unleashing their jaw dropping moves on the dance floor. Similar to the ones I used to frequent back in the day, but without the parental supervision.

Did the song always start with bongos?
One member of GAUCI is classically trained in the art of the bongos. They've been biding their time, hoping… waiting to release their bongo prowess to the masses. As a band we're so glad we have an avenue to make this happen.

You work as a producer. Was GAUCI born and shaped with any direction in mind when it came to production and sound?
Before we started taking this seriously, Felix had the idea of a classic disco trio, with heavy influence from all the stalwarts of the Italo age such as Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summers.
Production has always been at the core of GAUCI. It's evident that we like what we like, and we want to produce timeless dance floor anthems. It tied in with us wanting to try a new route with out joint creative endeavours. Before our inception, the three of us had played in predominately guitar bands, and this avenue allowed us to combine our individual production strengths into something cohesive.

Felix and David play in post punk acts Publique and Death Bells. Are you seeing or feeling much of a cross over in synth pop worlds and post punk scene?
A crossover is certainly happening. I think it all stems from our desires to make records similar to the ones we listen to - the ones that inspire us and we have that sense of nostalgia for. It becomes this beautiful energetic concoction of all the best bits from those genres. In a way it's a resurfacing of different genre cycles and I think that's real cool.

Catch GAUCI:
Aug 19 - Sydney at Volumes Festival
Aug 25 - Wollongong at Strawberry Boogie