Part of Canada’s So-called Alt-right is Endorsing Conservative Candidate Kellie Leitch

‘I do not want their endorsement’
December 5, 2016, 10:13pm

Kellie Leitch, an apparent frontrunner in the Conservative Party's leadership race who was thrilled by Donald Trump's presidential victory, is ramping up her controversial campaign rhetoric but rejecting a stamp of approval from a known so-called "alt-right" group in Canada.

On Friday, the Council of European Canadians published an article urging its followers to give her a chance. It seems to be one of the first times an overtly "alt-right" group — also known as people who espouse anti-immigrant, white nationalist ideology — has endorsed a candidate in this race.

Most don't support any mainstream Canadian political party.

The post's author Frank Hilliard, a writer known for white nationalist and xenophobic views, outlined how "all the hounds are pointing at Kellie Leitch … [T]hey hate her because she has called for screening all visitors, refugees and immigrants for Canadian Values."

"Why is that a bad thing you ask? Because it would effectively eliminate believers in Islam who, according to the Koran, do not believe in Canadian civic, legal, or moral values."

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