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Here's a Video for Alex Cameron's Anthemic New Track "Runnin' Outta Luck"

The song was co-written by Brandon Flowers, though the clip's more 'dreary English seaside' than Vegas strip.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Alex Cameron's second album, Forced Witness, will be with us next Friday (September 8), and as a final amuse bouche, he has shared a new song and video from the record, following "Stranger's Kiss" and "Candy May." "Runnin' Outta Luck" was co-written with The Killers' Brandon Flowers—and you can certainly tell, as Flowers' natural propensity for the anthemic is all over it—who also provides backing vocals, and it's a big, broad track with a great deal of heart.


The video was shot in the seaside town of Hastings, England, and features striking shots of Cameron against the local landscape. The low key video juxtaposes nicely with the bright optimism of the song, and Cameron is in fine voice, especially on the hooky chorus.

Of working with Flowers, Cameron said:

Most of the time me 'n' Roy [Molloy, saxophonist] have around 80 bucks in our business bank account. Good money. Kind of money makes you taste every egg in the omelet. I remember we'd played a show in Tallahassee to about seven people, and we were driving over to Atlanta to make a flight. Spirits were high. What with Roy tapping at the steering wheel and me eating my peanut M&Ms. Then my phone vibrated in my pocket. But it wasn't a notification about terrorism or another nude on my Instagram. It was an email from Brandon Flowers.

Take about two months outta the equation and find me 'n' Roy living at the Palms Resort up on Flamingo out there off the Vegas strip. Bein' far from a millionaire doesn't mean you can't live like a millionaire and success doesn't always hinge on good luck, it can be about other people's bad luck. Brandon was in a bind with his lyrics, and we were in a bind with our never having come close to a radio hit.

Thank goodness they found each other to be honest. Have a look up top.

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