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The UN's First US Cities SDG Index Ranks Your Town's Sustainability

See whether or not your hometown made the cut for the UN's most sustainable cities list.

On August 10, the United Nations's Sustainable Development Solutions Network released the US Cities Sustainable Development Goals Index that ranks the top 100 most populated cities across the country in order of sustainability. The Index takes into account 49 indicators based on 16 out of 17 sustainable development goals that quantify details like health, economic stability and social justice equality.


According to the UN, this is the first-ever U.S. Cities SDG Index that uses the 17 SDGs, which is a set of goals agreed to by the US and 192 other nations in 2015 to measure progress on sustainable development. The data in the index shows where some cities are succeeding and where others are challenged in improving the quality of life for residents in terms of jobs, social progress and environmental protections.

It's a lot to digest, so VICE Impact boiled down some of the major takeaways from the UN's report below:

Infographic by Aaron Barksdale

For more information, check out all the findings from the 2017 US Cities SDG Index. Don't see your city or town? Give us a shoutout on Twitter over at @viceimpact to let us know how you feelabout being left out.